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Though a significant portion of the Guild’s charitable work is supported by donations of material goods (e.g., food, clothing, and medical supplies), there are many instances in which the Guild must provide its beneficiaries with money, the only effective means to help with debts, rental payments, utility and medical bills, etc. For these kinds of needs, the Guild is especially dependent on regular donors who follow the work of the Guild, support it with their prayers, and contribute, according to their means, on a regular basis.

Your donation, no matter what the amount, is significant and will not be in vain!

There are three ways to contribute monetarily: credit card (via PayPal), PayPal, and direct bank transfer (i.e., a bank wire). The PayPal process (our recommendation) is secure and requires a credit card or an existing PayPal account. Wire transfers are usually only advisable for those having bank accounts with corollary (free) wiring privileges.



Please note that the amount of your donation will be designated in euros. As you complete your transaction, PayPal will indicate how much your credit card or PayPal account will be charged in your local currency.

To make a single payment in any amount of your choosing:

To make automatically recurring monthly payments:


To cancel your automatically recurring payments:


Direct Bank Transfer


    National Bank of Greece, Ano Liosia Branch

    10 Sot. Petroula & Al. Panagouli Strs.

    133 41 Ano Liosia, Greece

    IBAN: GR5201100740000007448008347



    Piraeus Bank of Greece

    IBAN: GR1401721250005125076602200


Recipient’s address:

    Mrs. Athena Choriatopoulou *

   Leophoros Fylis 107, Zip Code 133 51

    Fyli, Attikis, Greece

    Tel.: 0030 210 24 12 162

    Fax: 0030 210 24 12 114

* Please make sure that you put the personal name of the president of the Guild (Athena Choriatopoulou) on your wire, as Greek banks will not accept wires without a personal name.


Greece United States

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